Ich bin ein Berliner


What a wonderful day it has been. And tomorrow I am going back to the UK and somehow I don’t want to. Wandered around in the morning and found by chance this fantastic cutting edge art installation. A huge slap of ice onto which the video image of a shivering naked man was projected. The ice melts slowly and the water is gathered into a tiny black lined pond onto which the image of a man floating in water is projected. The artist, Raphael DiLuzio (www.raphaeldiluzio.com) was there and he was so refreshingly unpretentious that he was surprised that I wanted him to sign a poster of the show. Then I went to check out the aqua Dom the biggest aquarium in the world into which one is transported inside a Plexiglas elevator. The aqua Dom is cool but somehow all the windows and doors of the hotel that are visible behind the aquarium ruin the illusion. My favourite item of the aquarium was the small display of jellyfish – they look like frozen in a timeless bubble.

I followed the venture into the underwater realms with the (in Germany) obligatory coffee and cake. Apple cake with marzipan and whipped cream – I could get used to this!!! Over coffee and cake I enjoy a peak at a photo book on pussies that Silke Maschinger who runs the erotic salon – a live talk show in Berlin – recommended. The book is called “Das Tor ins Leben” which means “the gate to life” and features stunning close up photos of pussies and forms in nature that are reminiscent of a vagina. The author and photographer Grit Scholz published the book herself to make sure it gets out there and maintain artistic freedom: www.lebensgut-verlag.de


The café where I look at pussies and eat cake is located in a Hinterhof – a giant square back yard which is a typical feature in Berlin. These huge backyards have become meeting points and lots of small independent businesses are blossoming here. I found a shop that sells only vintage dresses from the 40′s to the 80′s from America. It is called “Sterling Gold” and feels like a time wrap back of the fifties with its wonderful elegant outfits and excellent customer service: www.sterlinggold.de. I got myself this amazing short black number. I love one-offs. Its special. I often feel in England that most of the culture has been franchised whereas in Berlin each café, gallery and shop is unique usually staffed by the independent owners. This creates an eclectic mix of possibilities and I love choice because it is freedom.

In another backyard I found beneath a glass cube a fantastic hairdresser. The glass cube was surrounded by a minimalist garden. The blossoms that had just been drenched in a spring shower were so beautiful that I spent half an hour photographing them. I ended up getting an appointment at the hairdresser for 9 in the evening. When I got there the indie florist was arranging the most amazing flower instalment and a pastry chef who was having his hair straightened brought a raspberry chocolate cake for everyone to share. I had brought a bottle of wine that we all shared. When my appointment was finally over at midnight, a couple of people turned up with a bottle of vodka and we sat there and chatted for hours about sex, relationships, clubs, locations, porn and hot gay guys for my film. We sat chatted, drank vodka at a hairdresser at 1am – only in Berlin. I have completely and utterly fallen in love with this city and want to live here one day!


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