Investors wanted

Petra Joy

I just got back to Berlin and am a little low – I miss the creative buzz of this wonderful city and the community of (erotic) artists that welcomed me. I wish I could have stayed or wish even more that I could go back soon to shoot my fourth film. I found the locations and performers – now it comes down to money. And the big distribution deal that I prayed for has not taken off. It is absurd – I have tons of positive publicity which generates the demand from customers but at the moment “Feeling it!” is only in a handful of shops. I need to sell around 10,000 copies to break even and currently I am nowhere near this target. The sales figures are still very low at the moment, so there is no capital available to invest into the new film. The options I have is to find and investor or some sponsorship. I will not go back to my bank for a third credit again. There is no limit to my creative energy but I have to start watching how much money I borrow no matter how much I want to do the new film. I will have to be patient and wait for the big deal, an investor, sponsorship or all three of them… Its hard to keep on believing and working on a project without any finance in place. But I will not give up. If you know of anyone who would like to invest into my fourth film or a toy, lube or condom company who would possibly like sponsor me – let me know…


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