It’s an honour

Petra Joy

I just found out that I have two nominations for this year’s international erotic film festival ( in Spain. I am so excited because I have been nominated as ‘best director’ and “Feeling it!”, my new release is nominated as ‘best film’. Last year I won “best ‘soft’ film” for “Female Fantasies”. This year I have been invited into the ‘inner sanctum’ of hard-core awards. The two most prestigious nominations are mine and I can’t stop smiling.

I am the only female director nominated next to the well established male directors, the heavy weights of the porn industry: Marc Dorcel, Rocco Siffredi, Paul Thomas and John Leslie. It feels good to be recognized by the industry. Last year at the Venus award in Germany they introduced a new category “female hard-core”. I know they had good intentions to create a unique category for female-made porn but I believe that true equality means that a man or woman can win ‘best director’ and ‘best film’. I think it would be great to have an award for alternative porn that is independently produced – be it by a male or female director. To produce independently without the financial and promotional backing of one of the big companies is a real achievement and that should be recognized. It’s the independent producers that create what’s called “alt porn” – alternative porn that is fresh and exciting. I would also welcome an award for creativity as most porn is so dull and repetitive it would do the industry good to acknowledge and reward creativity. New talent that finds creative solutions to the sex by numbers formula most porn features can help to rejuvenate the industry and get us to think out of the box and ultimately liberate us sexually.

I don’t know what my chances are of winning one of these awards. After all I am nominated alongside famous and talented directors and big budget films that have the backing of the industry’s giants – companies like Vivid or Private. They can afford locations and equipment that I can only dream about. But then again I got my creative and kinky mind which works in unique ways, so maybe there is a slight chance that I will walk away with an award this year. But for now I am on a real high to be nominated and can’t wait to be over in Madrid next Wednesday for the big red carpet event. It will be a celebration and I will be part of it and that is all that matters.


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