It’s party time

Last night I went to a party for the first time in I don’t know how many months. A real house party, not a trade show event. Somewhere to let my hair down without networking like crazy, signing DVDs with one hand and handing out casting flyers with the other. I love the whirlwind of the last few months Barcelona, Berlin, London – meeting hundreds of interesting people and establishing my films in the adult industry as an unusual but permanent fixture.

Last night was different. The theme was “exotic erotic”. My fiend Dominique surely knows how to throw a party.

Coming into the main door you had to navigate through satin veils and the stepped into a red lit hall where you were welcomed with a hand made truffle.

Dom’s lounge was just lit with candles and load of cushions covered the floor. Once I sat down and got comfortable, I didn’t want to move anymore. I started chatting to lots of people about where we are at in our lives right now and how much we all crave the sun and freedom of travelling – stripped bare of all the pressures of being self employed. Time to just breathe and be. Time to really get to know other people and yourself. I miss travelling. But being at this part was like a mini trip to a Thai beach. I could just a bout imagine the orange moon rise and the black sea gently lapping underneath our feet.

It felt so good to just sit down and not rush around like a crazy woman and multi task but just being there with the feeling of happiness and pride of all the times my team and me managed to create in the last year.

I bumped into Suzanne Portnoy who has written “the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker” about her sexual adventures as a single highly sexed and adventurous woman living in London. Soon we forgot that we were not that that kind of party and chatted for hours about our favourite topic: sex. Which toys we like and why, what pushes our sensual buttons and what turns us off. The people around us catching tiny snippets of our conversations were taken aback: the guys jaws dropped and the girls shared in with giggles and saucy details of what makes them tick.

Even though I was really tired by 1.30 am I had a dance to some pumping house classics and it felt great to just move to the music. Don’t think. Just dance. And smile.

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