Male lingerie – where can you buy it, and why is it so damn hot?

If you’ve seen the pictures, you might be wondering where Petra got the fantastic pearl and lace thong worn by her male performer Bishop Black in her latest shoot. Wonder no more…

When I joined Petra and her cast and crew for the filming of her latest genderfuck porn shoot, one of the (many!) things that I got super-excited about was Bishop Black’s costume: a gorgeous cream thong made of the finest Italian lace and a pearl string. He looked stunning in it – the luxurious material showing off his amazing body, and dark skin; the string of pearls at the back which accentuated his amazing, firm butt.

In general, men don’t get as many choices as women when it comes to underwear – they get to pick between boxers, briefs or jock straps if they’re feeling racy. The German online store Manstore sells a wide range of male underwear – plenty to choose from if you want to pick something other than the traditional ‘boxers or briefs.’ But what about sexy lingerie made from silk, satin or lace?

I’m really pleased to see sexy male lingerie getting more attention in the mainstream media, and seeing more companies creating beautiful, sexy knickers that are directly targeted at guys.

After all – why should it only be women who get to wear sexy knickers? It’s a shame that when searching online for ‘male lingerie’, most of the top results are guides for men to buy lingerie for their female partners. But the times are changing, and you only need to take a look at how amazing Bishop Black looks in his beautiful pearl thong to understand why more companies are making underwear that’s designed for men.

Where can I buy male lingerie?

The knickers that Petra got for the shoot are called Perlseo – they are made by the Italian company Bracli, a company that specialises in high-quality pearl thongs, and makes them for both men and women. Bracli explained that the idea came from guys who liked to wear their female partner’s underwear:

“We received many testimonies from women who told us that her partner used her underwear. When we launched the model Your Night of Bracli (with a double strand of pearls), many gay guys bought it. That’s why we decided to make a special garment for men with the traditionally female elements such as lace and pearls, and the Perlseo was born.”

Petra snapped the unique male thongs up at a trade show years ago and was waiting for the right guy who would wear them with pride. The Perlseo thong suited Bishop perfectly and this became key to a very hot cross-dressing scene.

Shops like Homme Mystere sell bras and basques as well as knickers – cut to different sizes and dimensions to fit a guy’s body. The co-founders of the company felt that the male underwear market had been too boring for too long, and wanted to introduce a bit of variety.

What’s so hot about male lingerie?

“A lot of men just wear boxer shorts or go commando for underwear. But I like it when a guy at least for special occasions wears underwear that enhances his assets” Petra explains. “A man who is confident enough to wear sexy “feminine” lingerie is hot because he is willing to experiment and be free, rather than limiting himself by sticking to rigid and out-dated roles. It shows that he is enjoying being an ‘object of desire’ and teasing his lover. I think that lace can be really sexy on a guy. The contrast between the soft lace and a rock hard male butt (and/or cock) is really hot.”

Alongside the fact that it just looks so amazing, there’s something very playful about male lingerie. Fashion and clothing can be incredibly creative – and yet within something as creative as fashion, we’re still often encouraged to stick to certain rules about what we wear based on our gender. It’s really limiting, and as Petra says – most men are too hung up on our traditional definitions of masculinity:

“I feel a lot of guys don’t dare to dress up because in homophobic society they might be labelled as ‘gay’ and ridiculed. As if a man is only a “real man” and sexually desirable when he rejects any outfits or behaviour considered “feminine”. Guys, why do you give a toss what other people think of you? If you want to wear a skirt or make-up or sexy lingerie, just go for it. You never know until you try and with an open-minded lover, who knows what sensual pleasures you’ll discover when you dare to cross boundaries and have fun? Beyond rigid gender stereotypes lies a wild, beautiful and sexy paradise waiting to be discovered…”

Given the amazing genderfuck nature of that particular shoot – with both the performers playing creatively with concepts of feminine ad masculine traits, the male lingerie was the perfect prop. When Harry saw Bishop for the first time in his lingerie, they said “This is all the foreplay I am going to need!”

I think there’s something amazing about a lover who explores their desires – whether it’s clothes, toys or specific sex acts like pegging – that fall outside what our traditional sexual norms tell us we ‘should’ do.

When it comes to sex, ultimately it’s supposed to be hot and fun and something that speaks to you as an individual, and sometimes to express yourself sexually you need to take off the boxers and put on a gorgeous pearl thong.