Maria and Me

Maria Beatty and Petra Joy

When looking at the shelf of an average sex shop one could easily think that there are hardly any female filmmakers making creative porn from a woman’s point of view. But that is not the case. Through networking I discovered other talented women who produce films for women independently and it is a pleasure to be connected with them. Sometimes it is not enough to email or call each other but one needs to meet over a bottle of champagne in the sunshine ! I was very keen to share some bubbly with the high priestess of lesbian s/m porn: Ms Maria Beatty. Maria has created the genre “porn noir” – similar to film noir featuring high contrast flickering black and white images – a completely new approach in the often brightly it and candy coloured world of porn.

Her hypnotic debut work “The Black Glove” was an intimate portrayal of a sadomasochistic encounter between herself and a dominant female partner. The now legendary movie made the entrancing submissive a cult star in the worldwide fetish scene. In ten years Maria and her production company bleu productions has produced and directed over 35 lesbian fetish films and one feature film with the second one being completed later this year…

As Maria lives not far from me – just across the channel in Paris, I decided to meet her for an interview which will be part of a book and film on women in porn I am working on. We met by the Seine on a wonderful sunny Saturday afternoon. She brought her girlfriend Ursula along and I came with one of my favourite performers and dear friend Violetta. There were smiles an laughter all around as we chatted about our work – the pleasure it gives us to create our unique films and the battles we face a s truly independents to get distributed and seen.

Committed to total control over her own work, Maria Beatty just like me has gone on to establish herself as a true independent, winning acclaim and awards for her uncompromising work. Her personal approach achieves an authentic sensuality rarely seen in adult cinema. She enjoys leading viewers into the enticing world of fetishism.

Her work is highly controversial because she does not just feature fluffy love making but pushes boundaries by featuring bondage, fisting, golden showers and more in her exciting s/m scenarios.

Violetta and Petra in Paris

As Maria does everything herself: directing, camera, editing, marketing and distribution, she can often be seen packing parcels with her DVDs late at night to fulfil orders that come in from around the world. After ten years of working as an independent Maria has not lost the tiniest bit of enthusiasm. Her joy and energy is infectious and lifted m spirits and encouraged me to continue with creating my films. She also told me that she thinks my films are groundbreaking and that’s he has never seen straight erotic films where women are being pleasured as much as in my films and that she hopes that unique quality of my work will finally be recognized. Thank you Maria for a wonderful time and your supportive words and smiles. I hope to be on set with Maria a couple of days this summer in Berlin when Maria will shoot her second feature film. If you would like to find out more about her amazing work, check out:

Violetta and me continued to have a wonderful time in Paris sampling more champagne, visiting the crazy horse club and unsettling quiet a few sex shop owners with our mission to find female-friendly porn amongst a mass of assembly line porn. Needless to say we did not find any. But one day all of that is going to change! There is a revolution happening in the erotic industry right now and at the heart of it are women. Women working world-wide around the clock on bringing sensuality and creativity, humour and magic back into sex. And it feels fantastic to be a part of this !


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