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On the way to the Ficeb the taxi driver tells me what a big event this trade show and film festival really is. All of Barcelona knows about it and wants a slice of the action. Even though when I arrive the event is only open to trade and press there is a really exciting vibe in the air.

The performances have already started and the performers are going all the way on stage, playing with toys and each other. Soon clutters of watchers and photographers form in front of the various big stages.

I wander around buzzing too. Well I must have been in the mood because somehow I ended up buying a giant penis wood carving that weighs about 5 kilos.

In the press room I bumped into Belladonna who had just flown in from California to promote her new film. Even though her work is a lot more hard-core than mine, I admire her passion which really gets across in her films. She was hot, hot, hot in “Fashionistas”. We talked about casting techniques and she said “Not enough directors are casting for a connection between the performers!” I could not agree more. If the connection is there and real between the players, then the sex scenes will be exciting.

I came here to find Spanish distribution for my films but it is proving harder than I thought. All the female-friendly shops and ventures do not sell porn but just sexy lingerie and toys because they believe that porn is bad for their image and that “the women in Spain are not ready yet”. When I speak to the dealers and potential distributors, they ask me if I do lesbian porn. When I say “I do porn for women” they automatically assume its lesbian hard-core. It is almost as if the kinky desires of a heterosexual women do not exist. How strange. Straight women have sexual fantasies and like to be turned on by visuals tailor made for them – not just straight male porn or lesbian porn. No one believes me here – yet. I am handing out screeners anyway because I believe the time for heterosexual female hard-core porn will come – soon.

I was curious to meet the director whose Spanish film “Mi Padre” had been nominated for nine wards: ‘G.C.’. He has worked as a porn director for 9 years and shot around 50 films. This is the first film he directed and produced independently. He worked 5 months on this autobiographical film.

When I asked him what was the most difficult thing about this production he said “everything”. When I asked what the best was, he said “everything”. I understand where he is coming from: producing and directing a major feature film independently is a dream come true but is also the biggest nightmare of your life. Total freedom equals total responsibility and it really tests your patience and stamina to go solo on a grand scale.

G.C. trained at the Barcelona university to become a cameraman. He worked in wildlife and extreme sports photography and videography before he ended up by chance shooting his first porn film. When I asked him what he thinks is the secret to produce a great porn film he told me: “Most people think that they need sex with a bit of drama and comedy. I think you need to integrate the sex scenes into the drama and the comedy. This is why my 2 hour film only shows 40 minutes of actual sex”.

G.C. and I swap copies of our films and I view it that night. It is really, really good; one of the best porn films that I have ever seen. It does not matter that I barely understand the Spanish dialogue: the sex scenes are shot and edited beautifully. Especially the group sex scene is poetry in motion. Edited to music with lost of long lingering shots, pans and slow motion shots it is almost a dream-like fantasy scene that you can get lost in. It is a pleasure to watch and makes you think: I wish I was there. The only thing I don’t like about the sex scenes is a fixation with blow jobs and penetration. I love to show the women receiving oral and being pampered and that only happens once in the last sex scene for like a minute. But G.C. is a guy and obviously shoots male fantasies. But the way he shoots them is exciting even to women.

Canal Plus

Tonight I went out for an interview with Canal Plus. It was a pleasure. The female reporter asked really clever questions and the bar where we shot closed especially for us and bought us drinks. I had chosen the bar because it is a potential location for future shoot: small and cosy with red walls and dimmed lights – just right for a sensual seduction. I can’t believe how friendly and laid back they are about us shooting here and me potentially filming porn here. They end up buying me drinks (cava, my favourite) all night and I stay chatting to two hot gay guys about sexual fantasies, long after the TV crew has left. One guy tells me his fantasy is to be caught up in a maze and having sex with all sorts of different masked people, never knowing who or what is around the corner. That is a really exciting idea and he would love for it to be turned into an erotic film sequence. Maybe one day it will.


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