My Bum Fetish

Iron Butt

In the summer the garden is my favourite room in the flat. I work and play in it – spending hours on the laptop in the sun. I am always on the lookout for unique trinkets to make this ‘room’ more magical. My most prized possession is the hot tub where many evenings are spent relaxing after a hard days work. I grow my own strawberries, lettuce and lots of sweet peas. Recently many round mirrors have been added and a sparkling glitter ball. The most recent addition however is a gorgeous pert butt. It’s my boyfriend’s bum that has been cast in iron and now seductively protrudes from the wall.

I love his bum and want to see it as much as possible. If my boyfriend walks up the stairs in front of me, I am ready to play within seconds. The slightest wiggle of his perfect peach and I get weak in the knees and moist between my legs.

Male bums are hot and highly underrated. They are the only real curves on an angular male body and I am drawn to them magnetically. I love that they are not soft and squishy but muscular and firm. They are spankable and fuckable and I cant get enough of them. It is so hot that between the cheeks lies the gateway to a guys most erogenous zone: the prostate (what a horrible, medical name) that I love to massage until it swells, gets hot and triggers the most spectacular orgasm. Pirelli might do a boob calendar I want a male bum calendar. Bums do it for me and I want to see more of them. When I look at the iconic bum on my garden wall it makes me happy as I think of the pleasures that lie ahead and soon in my hungry hands.

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