My little slice of paradise


I always thought that if I could have any super power it would be to fly. But that’s all changed now. I wish I could breathe under water. Ever since I started diving ten years ago I have loved to be weightless and watch magical coral gardens and resourceful under water creatures but until recently my adventures into the underwater realms were limited to the maximum time I could get out of tank of air. And that is never more than one hour when diving shallow and much less when diving deep.

And now I’ve got it at home; my very own coral reef. Soft and hard corals, clown fish, hermit crabs, a gobi and a shrimp. And I can look at it 24/7 and even have the choice of sun or moonlight. My very one slice of paradise – no need to come up for air. I have my own 80-litre aquarium set up in my lounge. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in a fish shop. I went back time after time again to look and dream and fell deeper and deeper in love with this little perfect world. And then I put a deposit down and paid my aqua world off over a year.

A few days ago the big moment came – the fish moved in. And now to go to feed and watch the fish is one of the few welcome breaks in some very hectic days. I watch the cleaner shrimp grooming the gobi fish, the hermit crab having lunch cleaning the inside glass screen and “Mistress”, the female clown fish, boss everyone about. In the build up to the Venus trade show and pornfilmfest in Berlin and the Erotica show in London I am working very, very long days. I sit on a computer at 5pm not able to concentrate and then realise that I have not had breakfast or lunch yet. That’s a perfect aquarium moment. It’s like an enchanting snowball that has come to life, a small and perfect world. Always calm and in balance – a reminder of how life will be – one day in paradise.

I am glad that my aqua world was not robbed from the ocean’s depths but grown in tropical tanks and that my “babies” live on exactly the size of reef they would inhabit normally. If you have never dived or snorkelled yet, my advice is: do it and experience a colourful, silent and weightless world.

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