New Talent?

I did a casting today with pretty much a complete stranger. Joerg contacted me after he had seen me and the Strawberry Seductress team on German TV.

He was interested in being in the next film production. I was not sure if he would be right because at the time of his application he was married and his wife did not want to be involved. Looking back at a production record of non-professional performers whose partners are not involved in the filming it worried me that his wife might get jealous and he has to pull out in the last minute.

But Joerg is single right now and we met in Germany over lunch.

It is always a strange feeling to meet a complete stranger – a phone conversation or low resolution image never really does a person justice. They do not show how someone sparkles in their own unique ways. Although it can work the other way too.

I remember from my times of doing internet dating that’s some blokes use heavily airbrushed photos or even photos of models that they have scanned in and in reality they look nothing like the hunk on the picture. But in Joerg’s case I was pleasantly surprised. He is really good looking and has a very nice vibe. His face is beautiful, almost angelic and he has got soft kissable lips and snow white teeth. He is 23 and looks very young and innocent but is full of mischief. I am sure that a lot of women will like him – it is one of many women’s fantasies to seduce a less experienced, young and gorgeous man. I really hope that I will work with Joerg. After lunch I took some stills of him on a nearby lawn. Simple, no frills and at this stage no nudity. We plan to meet up in Berlin when I will be there in October for the Berlin Porn Film Festival. We hope to shoot a solo play scene and possibly more, if the chemistry is right… fingers crossed!


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