I woke up from nightmares. Nightmares about a hailstorm during the angel shoot on the rooftop. Nightmares that I booked a flight for a performer to the wrong destination. Nightmares about shoots and maybe the whole production of the new film going wrong. I also have a stinking cold and am worried simply sick about the new film. Until now there have been so many complications already and the new film already looks to cost twice as much as Female Fantasies due to travel costs and location fees.

Suzanne N. called. She produced two adult educational films called “Modern Loving” a year ago. She told me that casting for her films was the hardest thing she ever had to do. We swapped stories about unreliable performers. People tuning up at a porn shoot and then not being prepared to sign a release form. People assuming they will get to have sex with the whole crew. People bluntly lying about their appearance. Suzanne recommended two sexy guys she knows that might be interested in working with me and I have already texted them. Fingers crossed. She also recommended a professional porn casting website. Some of the guys on it are really good looking but there is no information in their profiles about what makes them tick and what they enjoy sexually. There is no contact information. How am I supposed to book someone based on two or three photos without ever having spoken to them, explaing about my concept and finding if we click? It seems like the easiest thing in the world to find players in a porn film but it is so hard to find someone gorgeous and genuine, sexually liberated and sensual, creative and caring.


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