Once more with feeling!

Petra Joy

The third pornfilmfest has been and gone and for me it was the best so far. It was an honour to be invited to all three festivals and show my films to a large audience in a proper cinema. Unfortunately the last two festivals passed me by because of a whirlwind of media commitments, I finally had time this year to really enjoy the festival.

Juergen Bruening, the curator and his team put on such a fantastic event: three cinemas with a total of six screens, showing erotic films, porn and documentaries about sex for five days nonstop. The screenings were backed up with a huge variety of presentations, workshops and fantastic all night parties.

The Wintergarten Cafe in the Movimento cinema in Berlin Kreuzberg became a hub of creative activity with filmmakers and performers from all over the world exchanging ideas, contacts and dreams. I never spent a single minute alone there, as thanks to the previous porn film festivals the family of filmmakers has grown so much and I am part of it for good.

It was great to meet Karen, all the way from Australia where she runs a website with film reviews and further info on porn for women (www.forthegirls.com). We have been in touch many times by email and she has always been really supportive so it was great to say “Thank you” in person. I enjoyed meeting Maria Llopis from Barcelona again, a radiant experimental erotic filmmaker. I spend many hours in the cinema watching films that have no distribution in Europe and can usually just not be found and seen. There were real diamonds to be found in the short film competition. I adored an Indonesian film called “Hula-hoop Soundings“, featuring a girl with a hula hoop talking dirty, an American film called “The Window” featuring three hot men leaving their inhibitions behind and playing in the windows in full view of the neighbours and an Argentinean animation with the title “The blindness of the woods” done in the style of 70’s Scandinavian porn.

Petra Joy

It was a pleasure to watch a lot of hot porn and if you know me, I guess you will not be surprised if I tell you that most of the films that I loved and that tuned me on were gay films. I really liked “Too hot in Tel Aviv” from Roy Raz – three short stories shot in a very refreshing way all with handheld camera and focusing on the gorgeous men involved rather than just their cocks and asses. It was also great to meet Todd Verow who produces mainstream porn but also expresses himself with autobiographic experimental films that always surprise in their unique look and feel. His new film “Where your heart should be” premiered at the pornfilmfest. (www.bangorfilms.com)

It was so exciting to meet other filmmakers after their films were shown and be able to chat to them in the cinema and then later at the night bar until the early hours. The night bar happened every night at the Tek Mer, an ex-Turkish supermarket that was still open for business a few weeks back. During the pornfilmfest it became a centre of alternative erotic culture. And what a tonic the nights at the night bar were, especially after the blunt boredom of the Venus. In true Berlin style I had the pleasure to be part of a lot of unforgettable party nights. My favourite night at the night bar was the Thursday when everyone in the bar seemed to be an erotic performer or filmmaker. There was a bed next to the dance floor and it did not take long until two guys got it on and then they became three and ultimately four guys. It was so hot and sexy to watch them giving each other pleasure live, because in swinger clubs or fetish parties man-on-man action is always taboo which really annoys me. I loved the fact that the guys did not do a performance on stage but just enjoyed playing even though people were watching. It’s not often a straight woman gets to watch a posse of hot men making out just inches away from me and I loved it!!!!

Petra Joy

Sunday night was a highlight too. At first I invited Belle and Mia Magic – both performers in my current release “Feeling it!” – to dinner, followed by our film showing on the largest screen of the Movimento cinema. The cinema was sold out and I was really happy and excited that 150 people had paid €7 to see my film on the big screen. Those are the moments me and my team work for. The magic moments money can’t buy. To be seen and heard and understood. To inspire the viewers and get immediate feedback so we can grow and develop. After the screening we had a glass of champagne and stayed on for some very interesting Q&A’s and then joined the pornfilmfest team at the night bar. It was my night again as the very hot Brent and Skunk put on a gay show and we ended up chatting all night about male sex objects for women. They both would love to model and perform for me and are flattered to turn women on. Brent just wrote in a follow up email to me:

“It seems to be taboo for a woman to say that she enjoys watching two guys making out and this is made worse with the fact most porn is made by straight men for straight men. I think Women see things different to men and this should be reflected in the Porn for Women…”

Wise words indeed and I look forward to future co-operations with Brent and his playmates.

It was also pleasure to meet the fabulous Lazlo Pearlman – a man with a hunky tattooed body, a gorgeous face and a – wait for it – pussy! Lazlo is an FTM (female to male transsexual) and is proud to be enjoying the best of both worlds… I greatly admire gender pirates like Lazlo who do not conform to gender and role stereotypes and choose to be whoever they want to be and in the process break all moulds.

Petra Joy

This is what the pornfilmfest is all about: challenging stereotypes, breaking taboos and ultimately broadening our horizons. I am signed up for that mission too and together we will continue to change the world – even if it does not pay.

More info on the festival can be found here: www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de

I just hope that the festival will continue as no-one can afford to work for nothing; or worse – pay to work. So I wish the teams lots of (financial) support, so that their ground breaking worr may continue for many more years.


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