A Taste Of Joy

Petra Joy’s latest erotic film focuses on female pleasure and celebrates authentic lust with fresh performers.

In three exciting Vignettes Petra turns existing porn stereotypes upside down and shows hot, creative and passionate sex. There is no boring dialogue or pump and grind sex but just beautifully shot sensual images, edited to music.

In Her Pleasure the beautiful Scarlet Le Coq receives plenty of great oral sex. Room Service features newcomer Mary Evans being pleasured by the hunky and skilled Angus until she reaches intense multiple orgasms. Mary and Angus’ chemistry is obvious – they seem oblivious to the cameras and get completely lost in each other. Room Service has a surprise ending that was inspired by the letter of a female fan Petra received. Let’s just say: Mary found a way to make sure, got exactly what she wanted in bed.

One highlight of A Taste Of Joy is Joy Club, a short film that is set in a nightclub with a pool table. A pool table sex scene? Surely we have seen it all before? But nothing turns out as you might expect. With humor and finesse Petra Joy gives us the female take on a classic porn scenario. The heroines (Scarlet Le Coq, Tiffany Doll and Ms. Velour) turn the tables on the cocky macho men (the rather gorgeous Phil, Jes and Scott Conner who already were the objects of female desires in The Female Voyeur) and give as good as they get. The girls enjoy their satisfaction and make sure the guys get to discover a rather neglected male erogenous zone. Scarlet Le Coq said about this scene: “I have always had fantasies about what it would be like to be dominant. This shoot gave me the opportunity to live out my fantasy. I enjoyed it so much that I will be doing more of this in my private sex life from now on!”

Apart from these brand-new short films A Taste of Joy also features three scenes from previous Petra Joy Films that have become alternative porn classics: The Big Blue, Secret Garden and Eye Candy.

Another highlight of this double DVD is the one hour documentary The Joy Of Porn that gives fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of Petra Joy’s film production and sheds light on the female-led revolution of the sex industry.

This documentary is the film to compliment Petra’s book “Die Pornografin. Female Fantasies: meine Revolution der Lust” which has just been published by Heyne in Germany.

Note: The documentary is in German. An English version of this documentary and A Taste of Joy will be published in the future and will be available in all good UK sex shops.

A Taste Of Joy stays true to its title and gives a taste of hot, authentic porn from a female perspective directed by a unique director.

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