Feeling It!

Feeling It 01 Feeling It 02 Feeling It 03 Feeling It 04Award-winning director Petra Joy continues her sensual revolution of the adult movie genre. Her third erotic film “Feeling it” celebrates intimacy, sensuality and ecstasy. The focus is on female pleasure. The film is based on Petra’s motto “Feeling it, not faking it!” and features players who enjoy a genuine sensual chemistry rather than putting on an act for the cameras. The vignettes are based on female fantasies that women from all over the world shared with Petra. This movie is a visual erotic feast that aims to inspire, excite and liberate beyond the clichés of mainstream porn that leave most women cold. Petra is proud to promote safe sex and feature a multinational cast. We hope you enjoy watching the lovers experiencing breathtaking orgasms as much as we loved filming them. May this film bring pleasure to you!

Special features:

  • Porn parody
  • Making-of documentary
  • Interview with Petra Joy
  • Picture gallery.


  • “Petra Joy’s vision is truly unique in the world of porn, and Feeling It! is a must-watch for horny girls and adventurous couples.” (Forum)
  • “I love this movie and I heartily recommend it to any woman who wants to be entertained and aroused by intelligent, sensual and artistic erotica.” (forthegirls.com)
  • “A real ‘couple’s classic’, creating a balanced movie of women’s desires.” (ANV EUROPE)

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