Free Love

Petra Joy Presents… “Free Love”, a film by award-winning director Marianna Beck.

Mika is falling in love with Poochy. Not only is he good looking but a very sexy and skilled lover as well. The only problem is that Poochy likes to sleep with other women as well – behind Mika’s back. But Mika is a free spirit too. She enjoys a fling with her girlfriend and fantasises about a threesome with Poochy and another man. Poochy feels threatened by Mika’s fantasy. Typically male, he would much rather sleep with Mika and another girl. When they realise that his desires and her fantasies can be transformed into their shared sexual adventures, they enjoy erotic pleasures beyond their wildest dreams.

“Free Love” celebrates the joys of a committed yet open relationship.

A film by award-winning director Marianna Beck who knows what women want and how to keep a relationship exciting and new…

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