“Aphrodisiacs” is the eighth erotic film from internationally renowned director Petra Joy. From a sensual dinner for two to an experimental game of dice between three passionate women – this unique film shows authentic and orgasmic sex in four breath-taking … Continue reading


Come Together

“Come Together” is the seventh erotic film from internationally renowned director Petra Joy. All of the four short films feature exciting new erotic scenarios from a female perspective. In Blue Belle, a woman turns a woodland into her lover. Honey, … Continue reading


(S)he Comes

(S)he Comes is the erotic creation from award-winning director Petra Joy. The film features five new exciting scenes of authentic lust and sensual passion: from hot couples that fulfil each others’ every desire to an explosive male solo and a … Continue reading

A Taste Of Joy

A Taste Of Joy

Petra Joy’s latest erotic film focuses on female pleasure and celebrates authentic lust with fresh performers. In three exciting Vignettes Petra turns existing porn stereotypes upside down and shows hot, creative and passionate sex. There is no boring dialogue or … Continue reading

The Female Voyeur

The Female Voyeur

The wait was worth it, Petra Joy releases her long-awaited fourth erotic film The Female Voyeur. The Female Voyeur gives women what they want: Hunky men who perform for and give pleasure to women. Powerful, predatory females who experience multiple … Continue reading

Feeling It

Feeling It!

Award-winning director Petra Joy continues her sensual revolution of the adult movie genre. Her third erotic film “Feeling it” celebrates intimacy, sensuality and ecstasy. The focus is on female pleasure. The film is based on Petra’s motto “Feeling it, not … Continue reading


Female Fantasies

Petra Joy’s second erotic film is a visual feast, celebrating sensual pleasures and the art of seduction. “Female Fantasies” is based on erotic fantasies that were sent to Petra by her female photography clients and friends. To visualize genuine chemistry … Continue reading

Sexual Sushi

Sexual Sushi

If you are hungry for fresh, juicy and sexy food for thought then “Sexual Sushi” is for you. Winner of the 11th erotic award Petra Joy, aka the “Strawberry Seductress” has created a sexy, stylish and sophisticated erotic masterpiece. Art-core … Continue reading

Her Porn Vol 1

Her Porn Vol. 1

What do women want in sex and porn? Each of the short films of this eclectic compilation give answers to this important question. Even though each film features different sexual preferences and artistic handwriting there are some key factors that … Continue reading

Her Porn Vol 2

Her Porn Vol. 2

HER PORN Volume 2 is the second part of the successful compilation series is proudly launched by independent erotic filmmaker Petra Joy. This double DVD, of 18 short films shot by 14 female directors with a running time of 2.5 … Continue reading

Her Porn Vol 3

Her Porn Vol. 3

This exciting compilation features 15 explicit short films by 9 female porn directors. Her Porn shows us what turns women on. From a hot threesome to female ejaculation – sexual variety, female pleasure and authentic orgasms are the focus of … Continue reading

HP4 cover

Her Porn Vol. 4

This exciting compilation features 19 short films by 14 multi-award-winning female porn directors. The captivating scenarios are varied: From hiring a male escort for the ultimate night of passion to penetrating a hunk with a strap-on or being fingered lustfully … Continue reading


Her Porn Vol. 5

This exciting compilation features short films by 11 of the best female porn directors from all over the world. The sexually explicit scenarios are all based on authentic female fantasies: From kinky picnics to ecstatic threesomes; a woman dominating a … Continue reading


Her Porn Vol. 6

Her Porn volume 6 features eight gems of high-end indie porn by some of the most innovative, creative and hot porn directors in the world. From enjoying a quickie with the mechanic; to a gender-bending love fest involving a strap-on … Continue reading