Ready for picking

Petra Joy

I can’t believe its December already. This year just flew by and I feel that my feet have barely touched the ground. It was a flurry of flights, festivals, trade shows, workshops, meetings and TV interviews.

I have enjoyed reaching out and connecting with other female erotic filmmakers. Some of them have become good friends and we inspire and support each other in many ways.

I am very much looking forward to make these filmmakers and their unique films heard and seen all over Europe with my upcoming DVD compilation: “Porn for women”. I would like to show the great diversity in female directed porn – each of us has focuses on different female fantasies and creates films with a very unique creative hand-writing. It feels great to be connected to such a strong network of powerful women who all are helping to transform the adult industry and empower and liberate women. Together we are not just strong but unstoppable. It is an honour to be the curator of this exquisite compilation that will enable many viewers to discover more great films from a female perspective.

I am also pleased to represent the fabulous Marianna Beck in Europe and help her to get distribution in the UK and Germany. Her films are artistic, creative and sensual and deserve to be seen in Europe. I feel like an archaeologist discovering and unearthing buried treasures. In the eighties I watched a lot of porn and found no films that I liked. Twenty years on I have the pleasure of viewing more and more films that I enjoy and would like to share with other women. For five years now I have been doing my own distribution and PR and I am so pleased that the time has finally come to share the contacts and skills I have with other female directors that are coming in from the cold.

I feel that my work as a curator is a natural progression of my work as a director and teacher. The time has come to take a deep breath and harness all my powers in order to put porn for women on the world-wide adult map.

2008 might not have been a rewarding year financially but I have gained things money cannot buy: friendships and awards that feel that my vision and mission is being seen and heard and understood. In times of this economic crisis, it is more important than ever to count our blessings. And I count them every single day.

I am happy that the seeds I have sown for many years have flowered and are now bearing fruits.

And in the New Year they are ripe and ready for picking. I hope you will share them with me. I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a creative, prosperous and exciting 2009!


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