Sisterhood is powerful

Nicole Ruediger

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet another female “pornographer” in Cologne’s café Orlando, Nicole Rüdiger one of the editors of the “Jungsheft” – a magazine that shows ordinary guys nude and with hard ons. It is meant as porn for women as the editors Elke Kuhlen and Nicole Rüdiger realised a long time ago that there are hardly any naked, hot men for women to look at. The magazine was launched 2 years ago and is published twice a year. The editions of 2000 copies are sold out and have become a collector’s item in Germany. The magazine is financed independently and the creation of it is a true labour of love with both editors being involved in all stages of the production. Nicole and Elke, just like me, had offers to sell out and trade money for freedom and creative control and I am pleased to announce that they stayed true to themselves and will remain independent. They have now also launched a booklet featuring girls for guys to look at and are going from strength to strength. We hope to be able to support each other – Nicole recommending guys who have previously modelled for their magazine and me supplying photos and possibly also writing a little bit about such taboo subjects as female to male anal penetration.

It was refreshing meeting 21 year old Nicole. It makes me happy to see that there are now many generations of female pornographers all over the world expressing women’s sexual desires : American women like Annie Sprinkle and Candida Royalle and Maria Beatty who set out over a decade ago to visualize female sexual desires. And there is the new wave of European women like Natasha Meredith, Nicole Rüdiger and many more carrying the torch for female oriented porn. The best part of it is to meet and network via emails or over a glass of bubbly. We inspire each other and can support each other with difficult aspects of our work such as financing or distributing independent female designed porn. More information on the erotic cult magazines:


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