Sisters are doing it !

Annie Sprinkle

It has been a wonderful few days: Yesterday I received an email from Annie Sprinkle with comments about our second movie, “Female Fantasies”. The subject of the email was “Fabulous” which was a good start. She then told me that she thought the cats was fantastic and that we basically created a completely new erotic film genre. She said that that the film and the making off documentary “captured her heart and her pussy”. There could not be a greater compliment than this from Annie who is an icon for sexual liberation, erotic performance art and tantric teachings. Thank you, Annie !

Today Spanish TV came around and interviewed Violetta and me on a feature on fantasies. The creative crew was a pleasure to work with. Their extremely talented camera woman had a field day in my golden boudoir and set up beautiful shots using my mirrors. We really clicked and it is likely that she might join us and do the camera with me on our next film production.

I have been thinking quiet some time now about focusing more on directing rather than doing the main camera but found it difficult to find a suitable camera person who is talented in creating visual tableaux and sensitive towards the subject and gets on with the performers. I think I might have found the perfect person that has been missing in our crew and will be able to enrich our shoots. Sisters are doing it !


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