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Yesterday was an exciting day. I got to see a really cool location – a 100 year old club with working table telephones. How wonderful, I would really like to shoot here, now it is just a matter of how much the location will cost per day. I will get on the case.

After the viewing I went shopping for food and champagne as in the evening I was holding my first Berlin casting party. I love these informal get togethers where the performers can get to know me and each other and I get an idea of what makes them tick. The wonderful belle who is on the cover of “Feeling it” helped me to create little delicacies such as asparagus wrapped in ham – all done by hand to feed the eye as well as the stomach and also make this a special event. We spent hours creating a mini buffet and then just before everyone got there, interviewing each other. I have started to create a sort of video diary to capture more of the key behind the scene moments such as the castings, trade shows etc. to give a more accurate reflection of what my work is about and all the many different aspects that eventually lead to a shoot. I want to thank Belle here for her continuing support and for shooting some really good footage having been thrown in at the deep end. I simply can’t film myself and can not afford to pay a camera person to follow me on all the different trios and ventures, so we need to improvise.

Gisele came to get to know the other women. Firelilly came too – she is a Berlin based performer who loves to play with fetish and fire – literally and she will be a real asset for the team ! and then there was Clare – a queer porn film maker who has created a short film about her and her lover. A round of talented and interesting women but – sadly no men. This is an ongoing theme in my productions… there are always plenty of fantastic women and we have a real shortage of hot, liberated men who are good lovers and enjoy treating women how they deserve it – as queens. My only explanation for this is that the average guy who wants to be in a porn films has fantasies about coming all over a woman’s face which will not happen in my films. And the good looking, sexy nice guys would love to come and play but are too shy to be filmed… It’s difficult as I do not want to recruit full time porn performers as I think they will probably have been trained to fake it and not feel it and will not enjoy one of my less structured and more improvised shoots where the sex is about pleasure and not performance.

In the hope that the men will come too, we shared our ideas and fantasies. I shared my new scrapbook with the girls and we brainstormed ideas for characters, outfits and scenes – some of them scorching hot and scandalous. I cant wait to start shooting and I hope that some time this year it will happen.


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