Suite as a nut

I always really look forward to being in the edit suite. It is my favourite part of making a film for me – walking in with tons of rushes, the rough material and walking out with a finished short story that makes the viewers heart beat faster. Today I am in Soho working with Seren Black again, a talented editor who does a lot of high spec TV work as well as promos and of course my last film “Female Fantasies”. He is fast and creative and I enjoy his input. It is challenging and sometimes limiting to be producing, directing and doing camerawork all by myself. To work with an editor is a luxurious pleasure I would not want to miss. Two pairs of eyes not only see more but see things from different angles which is enriching. We are going to make a start with Cicciolino’s solo play scene “The Naughty Gardener” and I can’t wait.


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