Thank you and Merry Christmas!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely women I co-operated with this year on a variety of projects. It has been wonderful to work this year on Her Porn 4, the brand-new compilation which will be out in February 2013. Existing friendships with filmmakers whose work I value like Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle, Tristan Taormino and Shine Louise Houston were strengthened and new connections with newly emerging filmmakers were forged.

It makes me happy to use my experience and connections to successfully distribute other filmmakers such as the gifted Maria Beatty in the Germany and the UK as of this year. We started with Strap on Motel and will continue in 2013 with further titles.

Thank you to all the talented new filmmakers who submitted their films to the Petra Joy Awards this year and congratulations to the winners! Hats off to Morgana who won the first prize with her first ever film, Duty Bound. I have chosen the picture she sent me of her celebrating her prize with the people who helped her to create her autobiographic erotic film as this years Christmas picture. Her joy over winning the award was a nice early Christmas gift to me and I would like to pass that joie de vivre spirit on to you. Celebrate your life and love with like-minded people!

I want to thank the sex shop owners who stock female-made porn in their shops and the people who bought our and my films. Last but not least I would like to thank all the wonderful women and men that send me messages of support this year, appreciating my films and autobiographic book and encouraging me to continue my creative ventures. A lot of mails arrived after I had done a variety of stressful talk show appearances. To receive this kind of support and feedback means a lot to me. I just had a mail from someone that told me of a posse of women who meet once a month to dress up and play based on scenarios from my films. How wonderful that my films give pleasure to women and inspire some to live out their fantasies. I could not ask for more.

In this sense I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy, prosperous, exciting and erotic 2013!

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