The awards are approaching…

Petra Joy

I am happy that more and more amazing films are arriving that show fresh new insights as to what women find erotic . I am glad that I am able to inspire women to express themselves. It is a huge step for women not just to say: “Yes, I am watching porn!” but to go one step further and to actually make their own film, share it with the public and talk about it.

But it has not all been sweet scented roses – my short film competition seems to have stepped on some sensitive toes. One company threatened to sue me for the use of the name “Joy Awards” and as I do not have the financial means to battle this out in court, I had to rename the “Joy Award” to the “Petra Joy Award”. I am not too happy about this as I do not want this to be all about me, Petra Joy but about the JOY of female self expression. But after the initial bill of my solicitor cost me a small fortune, I had to count my losses and move on – even though my solicitor assured me that I could win this case if I was prepared to invest considerably more money and time. One month from the event I was not prepared to do anything that could endanger the event. So the “Petra Joy Award” it is.

More problems came from an unexpected quarter:

I was criticised by some women who are actually fighting for the same causes as I do for timing my event badly and stealing the publicity from their event. I was shocked by that accusation especially as I had suggested to the very same women to join forces and create a shared event. My offer was rejected. I think, the more the merrier: The more of us say and do things, the more likely it is that we will be heard and seen. The more likely it is that people understand we are not a one-off phenomenon but we are here to stay. Women want porn from a female perspective and this desire is here to stay.

Sometimes it can be frustrating when I feel attacked from various sides and I wonder why I do what I do – a non profit making event to mentor new female filmmakers. But then I get an email like this and it makes it all worthwhile. Sarah who just finished a film (her first ever) for the competition wrote to me:

“Whatever the outcome of this effort I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it!  Having only been filmed for the first time in June of this year it was all a little daunting but I do like a challenge!  We have over an hour of out-takes and had to do it all over two sessions.  I had no idea of the work that goes into these things and also exactly how un-glamorous it can be…and we are just amateurs! Should the opportunity ever arise, I would love to come and see how a professional production is created!”

I cannot wait to view all the films and award the winners with their trophies and of course the cash prizes sponsored by pjur. The best film will also be seen on “Her Porn, volume two” and short clips will be available on the website:


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