The final countdown

Petra Joy

It is the night before Erotica. My flat looks like a warehouse that has been hit by a hurricane and my mind is buzzing. The phone has been ringing non-stop today and my inbox is overflowing following our being featured today in the Metro newspaper. It is my first big piece of publicity in the UK and it is great that finally Violetta’s and my mission to liberate and empower women to make their own adult films is being heard and seen. I spent the last 3 weeks preparing for this huge show and have worked day and night to make it all happen.

I am exhibiting with the support of six gorgeous friends and we all will be there to meet women and talk about female fantasies and porn for women. I will be teaching two workshops a day (twice as many as last year). One will be on how to make your own creative porn and the other on the female perspective on porn.

Night after night I have viewed literally hundreds of porn films to find creative clippings for the presentations, packed 200 goodie bags for all the women (thank you to my sponsors Pjur lubes and Lovehoney), and I have written ten page hand-outs. Phew! Now there not much more that I can do except hope that I will get a good night’s sleep before packing up the van bright and early to head up to London to set up the stall and the be a guest at the UK porn awards.

I am sure I will have wild dreams tonight – in anticipation of Erotica and of course the awards. Thanks if you voted for me and supported me.

In my mind I am writing and rewriting my list of things to bring over and over again:

DVD spinner… passes… car pass… Horizontal Banner… 2 X Vertical banners… Table… 3 chairs… pillows… Suitcase with materials… Table displays: acrylics + Deco… Awards… red columns… DVDs (4 titles)… Posters/Frames for table… 2 laptops… discs clips !!!!… Notes presentations (DOUBLES !!!)… projector… projector screen… goodie bags… VOD vouchers… guild book… playing cards… still camera… video camera… clothes suitcase… material suitcase… food and drinks… Fridge…

I am sure I have forgotten something. There must be something. And I will probably only realise it when I am in London. But we will manage somehow.

Sometimes (always, actually!) I wish I could clone myself, so that one of me could be on the Erotica stand whilst the other one teaches a workshop and the thirds watches the Erotica shows sipping champagne. My boyfriend tells me he would like me cloned too. But it is not possible, so I will have to run on turbo-power to sparkle through the next few days.

If you are heading to Erotica come along and say ‘Hi!’ to Violetta, me and the team. We are at booth H4 and the times of my free presentations are available in my diary and at the Erotica website.

See you in London!


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