The Second Coming


The sun makes all the difference. Today the sun was out and everything glowed and everyone was in a good mood. Cicciolino came round and CAME… this time lazing on the deckchair in the sun in full view of all my neighbours (if they dared to stare out of their windows).

I liked to watch him – every guy is so different in the way they touch themselves and as women we hardly ever get to see that (unless our partners put a show on). Most straight porn shows women playing with themselves but not guys and as a straight woman I like my male eye candy.

Cicciolino certainly is eye candy. Hunky, muscular with a jagged face and a dimple on his chin. He also has a chunky cock and above all a horny attitude. Hats off to him for playing with himself in my garden pretty much in public and also for holding a hose with ice cold water over his head and body and making it look good. A new star is born.

I am in a really good mood because I feel that Cicciolino will be part of this project for more than just one scene. But also I followed up the lead that Vanessa gave me yesterday about a possible location and it looks like it is going to happen.

The woman who owns the house has nothing against porn being shot at her home and this is a first on my location hunt. I have seen the shots and the house looks brilliant and hopefully worth its steep location price tag. Will pop round next week for a reccie. It looks like this shoot is finally coming together and I can’t wait.


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