The “she-pornographers” agree to disagree

The She Pornographers

It was a particularly exciting day for us as before the panel discussion Marita Neher premiered her documentary “The She Pornographers” that shows us and many other female erotic artists at work. The documentary was followed by two clips of my new film, now titled “ART-core”, and it was exciting to show those two finished vignettes to the audience. The screenings were followed by the big panel discussion on “porn for women”. In front of a sold out cinema seven female porn film makers (Jessica Grenier, Erika Lust, Julia Ostertag, Ovidie, Audacia Ray, and myself) discussed their vision of porn. We are all from different backgrounds, some of us working independently, others being employed by big companies. I felt closest to the ideas of Jessica who produces content for the amazing Australian website Beautiful Agony – showing real people during sex – focusing on their faces and not featuring acted but authentic scenes. It was interesting to realise that if a woman does a porn film, it is not necessarily directed at women which is where Audicia Ray is coming from. There was also a discussion in which way porn can empower rather than degrade women. Some filmmakers who call their films “feminist” were criticised for extensively featuring blow-jobs and cum-shots in women’s faces.

Our tastes on what we find sexy in the bedroom or on film differ. I believe that any female filmmaker has he right to show whatever she wants in her films but we should be cautious with our content if we claim to make “feminist porn”. I would like to empower women and this is why I choose to focus on women receiving pleasure rather than just giving it, and I also prefer to show orgasms in different ways such as showing the lover’s faces, rather than ending every scene with a male cum-shot over the woman’s body. If we produce films and call them “female friendly” or “feminist” yet the actual sexual content still focuses mainly on male pleasure and copies a commercially successful mainstream porn formula, then the powerful words that should have a very deep meaning are being mocked and hijacked as a marketing gimmick. Feminism is committed to equality of the sexes, so surely “feminist porn” should show women as equals to men rather than as subservient beings. A woman receiving head, a woman fucking a guy with a strap-on, a guy tasting his own cum and also to feature female ejaculation – those techniques that show a woman in control might be “feminist porn”. If you want to show cum on a woman’s face that’s fine but don’t call it feminist.

The Berlin Posse

After the discussion I had the pleasure to get to know Ilan and Mia better. They are two new female performers with whom I will be working in a week’s time. We’d had extensive e-mail and phone contact, but this was the first time we physically met each other. Ilan, Mia, Violetta and I went for a German meal in a cosy café to chat and chill. What a blessing it is to have these two beautiful women in my cast now.

Both contacted me because they like my concept of sensual, creative and intimate porn and they wanted to be part of the “little revolution Petra is doing in the porn industry right now” as Mia put it. Mia is a gorgeous woman with a burlesque touch. She has been in porn films before and she is a little tired of faking and not feeling it. So I will bend my rule to work only with amateurs as she has promised to just do what she enjoys on camera, really let go and feel it. I hope that our shoot will empower Mia, so she is now part of the family and it does not matter what she has worked as in the past. Ilan was introduced to me by Laura. She is a wide eyed young woman who is very bright and wants to explore herself and her sexuality further on film. She has the body of a dancer and we had so much fun in the toilet of the restaurant where she tried on some of the amazing lingerie that Bracli kindly donated to me. We did some shots there and then, Ilan without make-up in champagne-coloured pearl strung underwear looking like a million dollars! It was a nice little taste of shooting together later this month.


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