The time has come – the new film is finished at last !

Feeling It

I can’t believe it but our third film is finally finished. After a 16 hour day in the edit suite yesterday, a night on the edit suites floor and another busy day today, here its is: “Feeling it!” – hot of the press. I am on the train back to Brighton right now with dark shadows under my eyes and an even bigger smile on my face. This film has been a long time coming and there were many set backs in the production. So now to be able to walk away from the edit suite with one DVD master – the result of 6 months work and 70 tapes of rushes is an exhilarating feeling.

My motto “Feeling it, not faking it!”, is being embraced passionately by the authentic performers. The results are breathtaking (female) orgasms and a humane portrayal of human sensuality to inspire the viewers. The film breaks away from stereotypical and discriminative characterisation of people in many porn films – such as women being “dirty sluts” and black men being nothing more than a “cocks on legs”. To me the performers are individuals with their unique, physical and emotional needs and desires, rather than well oiled “fuck machines” that go through the motions of porn.

I enjoy to challenge prejudices and stereotypes that we have about gender, race and sexuality. I believe in the equality of sexes and races and I strive to create what could be called “humanist” porn.

“Feeling it!” continues to cross over the boundaries between art and porn by featuring artistic sex scene with explicit content such as a body paint sequence and a girl on girl play scene where a lace pattern on the girls’ bodies was created through shadows from a parasol. These kind of scenes are essential to my films. I love to shoot artistic scenes that feature sex but rather than showing all the explicit details brightly lit and (porno-) graphic, I choose to add layers through body paint or shadows. Rather than bombarding the image bank in the brain of the viewer with clear cut hard-core images that they have seen many times before, I enjoy to inspire the viewer’s imagination with more creative imagery. It’s about inspiration and titillation. That’s the essence of erotica to me.

Feeling It Cast

I now have to get the BBFC license and then hope the film will be out and available at the beginning of March. At sixty seven minutes this film is longer than my first two productions but just as varied as “Female Fantasies” whilst maintaining a strong focus on female pleasure. There are many exciting special features such as a “making-of” documentary, a ‘porn parody’ and an in-depth interview with me, explaining my vision of sensual porn. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely people who helped making this movie. A special thank you to all the performers for placing their trust in me, going with the flow and ‘feeling it’. This film looks good and feels right and I hope you will like it. More info on the film:

Whilst the BBFC is licensing the film, I am off on a well earned break to sunny Mexico. I can’t wait to walk barefoot on the warm sand and float in the emerald sea with no computer in sight – just for a few weeks of freedom and play…


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