Together we are unstoppable!

Petra Joy and Candida Royalle

I have just returned from a trip to Amsterdam where I met and interviewed the fabulous Candida Royalle for my upcoming documentary on female pornographers. Candida who has been producing and directing sensual porn for women in the States for two decades now is not only a pioneer but veteran when it comes to visualising erotic female fantasies. Over the past few months we have become pen or rather keyboard friends, writing to each other regularly to network and inspire each other across the Atlantic. As Candida was in Amsterdam to work with the designer of Natural Contours, a female friendly sex toy line she helped to create, I thought: this is it let’s meet and share that long overdue glass of champagne. We did meet and got on like a house on fire. It was wonderful to talk to Candida about female friendly toys, what women want in porn, designer vaginas and the future of the adult industry. In her two decades of creating alternative porn Candida has gained so much insight and wisdom that I was blessed to capture on film. Look out for the documentary that I aim to complete by the end of this year. It will feature many of the female key players when it comes to porn: Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle, Anna Span, Maria Beatty and many more.

I was delighted that through my networking with the female run alternative sex shop Mail and Female they found out about Candida’s visit and decided to invite her for an evening on porn for women. And what an amazing event it was. It was full house with 75 women attending, swigging champagne with raspberries and exchanging ideas on what makes sex films porn for women. Ella, the porn expert from Mail and Female put together a show reel of lots of different porn clips from female directors to illustrate how many different visions of female porn there are. The different approaches form the directors were mirrored in the response of the audience: some women liked it rough and ready with a good pinch of humour and some liked their porn to be arty, sensual and subtle. I loved Candidas’s attitude: “Don’t ever make a woman feel bad if she does not like porn, not even female made porn. Tastes vary and what is too hard woman is too soft for another. It is OK to not all agree on what turns us on!”

Mail and Female were one of the first mail order companies to cater for women who wanted to buy sex toys and porn online and are celebrating their 20th birthday this year. To celebrate their success they are putting on more events with women from all over the world. On the 19th of June Annie Sprinkle will teach breathing techniques that support orgasm and on the 9th of August I am invited to give a presentation on how to make your own creative porn.

A full house in Amsterdam

There are a lot of exciting events happening right now in Amsterdam; one of them being “Pinched”, an alternative Erotica festival peaking on the 21st of June. There will be many exciting discussions and performances and I will be doing an open casting.

After my visit in Amsterdam I feel truly inspired and enriched. To meet Candida, the Mail and Female posse and Marije Janssen, the organiser of “Pinched”, made me realise what I have been sensing for quite some time now: porn for women is unstoppable. There are so many women working on female focused erotica right now that neither the adult industry nor the mainstream press can call us a niche phenomenon. We work on these films around the world and around the clock and what makes us a force to be reckoned with is the fact that we are all connected right now. We talk to each other, we listen, we learn and we co-operate. Now that we have found each other the sky is the limit! Sisterhood is powerful. Work co-operations emerge and friendships grow. As a parting gift Candida gave me a signed copy of her fabulous book “How to tell a naked man what to do!” (you never stop learning) and I gave her home made English strawberry jam. I have a feeling we will be friends for life.


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