We are family!


It is with great pleasure that I received the invitation to the “Poryes “event in Berlin. This event is organised by the sex positive activist Dr. Laura Meritt and her team and is the first feminist porn award in Europe. The award ceremony and big bash celebrate pioneers in feminist porn. My dear friends Candida Royalle, Maria Beatty and Annie Sprinkle will receive an award as well a myself and Shine Louise Houston from America who I have not yet met.

Of course it is symbolic that the event happens during the Venus show – Europe’s biggest adult trade show – that is still firmly in male hands, catering almost exclusively to men and their desires. It is hard to be taken seriously as an artist or businesswoman in this world that still likes to reduce pretty much every woman to objects. But sometimes even women and feminists do not value our efforts to express female fantasies and portray a more accurate and humane image of (female) sexuality.

Only two years ago the German feminist magazine “Emma” stated: “Porn for women is a myth”. Not so. I myself was very active in the anti-porn movement of the eighties. I still do not like a lot of misogynist porn that I see but the time has come to be heard and seen by creating alternatives rather than leaving the creation of erotic films exclusively in male hands.

As a woman and a feminist it feels good to be celebrated by other feminists who do appreciate the work we are doing to inspire and empower women. To be a feminist does not mean anymore to be against any kind of porn but instead to appreciate the films that genuinely portray female sexuality, that respect the performers’ boundaries and promote safe sex.

“Poryes” says “Yes” to free-range, female-made porn that meets certain criteria. And it feels good to say ‘Yes’ rather than ‘No’ all the time. It gives us a choice and to have a choice is empowering. We can take it or leave it, rather than being excluded.

The other night I went to see “Sister Sledge” play and their anthem is still playing in my head:

“We are family, I got all my sisters with me!”. And this is what it feels like right now: We are connecting and building networks world-wide: The female filmmakers, performers, sex shop owners and the sexual teachers. For a long time America was ahead of us. Now Europe is catching up. Fast. And together we are unstoppable. We are family!

For more info on the “Poryes” event and tickets to the amazing event, look here: http://www.poryes.de


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