West End Girl

A Day in London

How great it is to be back in post-production. I love working with Seren my editor, fusing single shots with music into a sensual story. We got two rough cuts done and tomorrow we will create a third scene and work on the “grading” – the colouring of images that helps to convey different moods.

Tonight after the edit I went into Soho – treasure hunting for outfits for the new film. I found these gorgeous white translucent bloomers and matching see through bra and knickers (held together by a purple satin ribbon) – they will look gorgeous on Vanessa in the sequence when she gets caressed by an angel. After a delicious meal in Chinatown, I went to “Cabaret” – the new musical. I love the West End at night. London buzzes and the live shows are amazing. Cabaret features a whole chorsus line of gorgeous guys and girls in black see-through stockings and suspender belts. Guys look so hot in the odd bit of female lingerie. Guys, believe me, women don’t care if it looks “gay”. If the look shows off you chest, biceps and bum – it will be a turn on. Why is it that mostly gay men choose to dress up? I am a woman and I want male eye candy – so the show was a pleasure to watch. There was one guy in it with a clipper one-cut and he looked exactly like Marc Cuirass, the lead of my last movie. Marc used to paint one eye all black just like the performer in the show. The performer did it on stage yet Marc did it day to day which was one of the things that made him so unique. Marc died last year of a tragic accident and we miss him a lot, both as a friend and a member of the strawberry seductress team.

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