What is the Pornfilmfestival Berlin, and why should you get excited?

From the 21st to the 25th of October, porn producers, performers and fans will be gathering in Berlin for the 10th annual porn film festival – and Petra will be there to show some of her latest erotic films!

What is the Pornfilmfestival Berlin?

It’s an annual event that celebrates the hottest erotic films and the ever-growing alternative porn community. This year the festival is celebrating a big birthday: TEN years of porn culture and art. This is reason to celebrate!

This year’s festival features screenings of porn films, workshops, panel discussions, and a lot of partying, as talented producers and performers gather to celebrate sexual freedom and creative expression in porn films innovation and the sexiest films.

On their website, the Pornfilmfestival explains that it will “showcase the most innovative, risk-taking visionaries from film, photography, performance, music, the art scene, pornoland and even porn karaoke to challenge the genre of erotic film. All works shown form a collection of uncensored responses to the social and aesthetic questions of how we represent ourselves as sexual beings.

Petra will be joining the festival celebrations along with Zoom Escorts in the world premiere of her latest two short films: The exciting Genderfuck – which I was lucky enough to watch as it was made. I can tell you that it’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen, with such phenomenal chemistry between the performers Harry and Bishop. If you’re going to be at the porn festival, look out for it, and if you can’t make it then catch up with the news on this blog when Petra returns!

Petra has been a part of Pornfilmfest Berlin since the very beginning in 2005, when she was one of the first “filmmakers in focus” and showed her debut film Sexual Sushi and her breakthrough feature Female Fantasies in front of a sold out cinema. Petra remembers this legendary event fondly: “All of the performers came with me to the Berlin for our screenings. We were excited and nervous because we did not know how our work would be received. At the time of the first Pornfilmfest “feminist porn” was for most still an oxymoron and no-one had dared to bring explicit alternative porn into an ordinary cinema. Our reception could not have been any better: the audience totally got our innovative approach and showered us in raging applause. It was such a warm welcome that made us feel special and confirmed to us that feminist porn was very much appreciated by an audience hungry for more than mainstream porn. After the fantastic premiere, we were so happy and partied through the night – a night we will never forget.

In 2009 the first Petra Joy Award for new female erotic filmmakers was part of the fourth Pornfilmfest Berlin which screened the winning films. Petra honored the winning directors (Ms. Naughty, Lola Clavo and Cora Emens) with a trophy and prize money (donated by Pjur).

At the 9th festival last year, Petra premiered her orgasmic film (S)he Comes.

This year, alongside the gorgeous Genderfuck scene, Petra will be showing the sensual short film Blue Belle – starring the beautiful Sasha Rouge (from “(S)he Comes”) pleasuring herself in the magical surroundings of a English woodland in spring. It is Petra’s first female solo scene and she is proud to premiere it on the big screen in Berlin.

Petra is also taking part in a panel discussion on the state of the German porn industry, sharing her experiences as an independent feminist producer and distributor.

This year there will be plenty of filmmakers from all over the world showing their work in Berlin, including fellow female directors Pandora Blake and Morgana Muses. The festival will also include special screening of the film “Aphrodite Superstar by Candida Royalle, a true pioneer of feminist porn and one of Petra’s close friends, who sadly died recently and whose feminist porn made such a great impact on the world.

Many filmmakers, performers and viewers return year after year to the legendary Pornfilmfest Berlin. Petra explains it’s big draw: “Nothing compares with the rush you get by seeing your film on a big screen and witnessing first hand the audience’s reaction to it. In a world where porn is largely criticised and often censored, it is important for me as an artist to experience a space that enables an honest, open and non-judgemental exchange about the controversial genre I choose to work in. I love watching other people’s work, talking with my audience and sowing the seeds for new projects with new performers. I very much look forward to an inspirational week.

Why are events like the Pornfilmfest so important?

Erotic art is often treated in a different way to other kinds of art – frequently hidden, often censored, and rarely recognized for the positive impact it can have on our culture. While the media is usually happy to highlight mainstream, paint-by-numbers porn, which often lacks creativity and is frequently misogynist, it’s rare to see creative, feminist and diverse porn being celebrated. Porn festivals such as the one in Berlin give innovative producers and performers space to showcase their work, and help to change the narrative around porn. I’d love to see more events like this (perhaps even in the UK too?!) to try and challenge the idea that porn is somehow ‘less’ than art. It’s no more or less than art: it’s another way for people to creatively express themselves, and for audiences to get a glimpse into the diversity and beauty of sexuality.

Screening and event times:

Genderfuck will be shown in the Queer Program: Friday 23rd at 10:30 a.m. and Sunday 25th at 7:15 p.m. Note: for the Friday screening, Petra and both performers Bishop Black and Harry will be present for the Q&A.

Blue Belle will be shown in the Femancy Program: Thursday 22nd at 21:45 and Saturday 24th at 18:00. Petra will be present for both screenings.

The Panel discussion will happen on Saturday 24th from 15:00 to 17:00 in the SomoS Galerie, Kottbusser Damm 95.

Come, meet Petra and say Hello!

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