I was honoured to be a guest at Laura Meritt’s salon that she runs from her home which doubles as a shop every Friday. She has an open house policy, her flat functioning as a hub for women who want to browse for exciting, toys and films and meet like-minded girls. We had a bottle of bubbly, truffles and watched clips from my upcoming film “Art-core”. Violetta, one of my close friends and performers that I work with, was there with me to support me and talk about our work in creating sensual porn for women. It is always a pleasure to meet women, get their feedback to our films and often one or two of the women present decide that they would like to work with us in the future which is always exciting. I want to thank Laura for inviting us and handling my distribution for all the small independent female sex shops in Germany. She also runs an online shop with amazing goodies – I stocked up with props and toys for the new film and the shoot next week. You can shop online at Laura’s Sexclusiviateten.

Kleine Nachrevue

Even though it would have been tempting to watch porn in the cinema every night of the porn film festival we decided that one evening we should sample a bit of traditional Berlin cabaret culture. We found the Kleine Nachrevue, an intimate and beautiful club that has a different show every night. We were one of the few guests and it felt almost like we were there for a private performance. The show we watched was an erotic FAUST – an intense all-women dance and performance piece. What really blew me away was the small numbers that were performed every 15 minutes or so in the small hours of the evening after the main show – my favourite being a stripping female magician working with a tiny green cloth that she magicked away and then magicked back from the most unexpected places. Sylvia Schmid, the owner and main star of the show has got style, class and empowered sexiness that is hard to find in the average club. We loved it and will be back to see more shows.


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