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A Scene from Cruising

I am so excited because today my feminist porn award for “best bi scene” arrived. I was not able to fly out to Toronto to collect it personally so I want to thank the organizer for sending me the unique glass butt plug trophy !

It is interesting that this award was given to me for one of my most controversial scenes: “Cruising” from “Female Fantasies”. This scene is based on the female fantasy what it would be like to cruise or cottage like gay men in a public place for a spontaneous chance encounter of uncensored passion. The scene starts with three bi men making out in a toilet – the kind of eye candy many women like to see: various men turning each other on. To top this experience the next step in the female fantasy is to join the boys and have them play by your rules. In “Cruising” the woman who joins the guys is well equipped with a big black starp-on that the guys suck for her. It is refreshing and exciting to show a woman receiving rather than giving a blow job all the time. How do the boys give head? For the woman who looks down on the guy who sucks her starp-on the feeling of being turned on happens in her biggest sex organ – between her ears – before it slowly travels down between her legs.

Male bi sexuality and female/male role reversal is still a major taboo in mainstream porn. So this scene was censored by one of my big dealers who accepted “Female Fantasies” on their shelves only if that particular scene that they called “ugly, dirty and image damaging” was cut.

I had to think long and hard about what to do and in the end decided to let them cut this scene as it was more important that 90% of my content reached their customers than none. So now there is a director’s cut of “Female Fantasies” and a censored version.

They forgot to tell me that they were also going to cut my very special feature, a porn parody on how mainstream porn would shoot a threesome. In my original scene “car wash” the woman gets pampered by two guys – with hands and tongues only. I did not want to fulfill the expectation I knew people would have from previous porn films. I did not want to show double penetration and the guys fraternizing over her body as if it was just a piece of meat. In the parody we gave her a long blonde wig, glued on red false finger nails and gave her the smokiest eye make up possible. The guys were oiled up and they were instructed to continuously look into the camera to show off how “hot” they were. The proceeded to (fake) spit roast her whilst she was moaning into the camera, tossing her hair and sucking her index finger. Faking it, not feeling it at it’s best.

When I am asked what’s different about my films vs. mainstream porn I always show these two scenes and amidst lots of laughter everybody understands instantly. I think it is absurd that this scene has been cut as it is so unique and makes everyone laugh. But it looks like the porn industry is very sensitive to criticism and can’t take it and embrace it even when it is done tongue in cheek.

I really hope that the industry especially the porn film distributors and dealers become more open minded and encourage unusual scenes that question and break existing rules rather than censor them.

“Cruising” was recently shown at the renowned BFI in London during the Lesbian and Gay film festival to huge acclaim. I have been invited to show this scene and my porn parodies at 6 other international film festivals. And now I won an award for the Cruising scene.

It just illustrates what is filth for one person is art to another. Visualized fantasies are powerful and push many buttons. Depending on where you are coming from the reaction to a cutting edge scene will be positive or negative. And this says nothing about the quality of the actual scene. If it polarizes ideas, it is important that it was made.

This just confirms to me that I need to continue to work as an independent filmmaker because if a big name financed me it is almost certain they would want to control the content and “Cruising” would have never been made…

What the industry needs is not more of the same but a huger variety of porn. There should be even something like a new talent award that is sponsored within the industry. This way the porn industry will be able to rejuvenate and attract new interest and maybe even reclaim viewers that have lost interest a long time ago.


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