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Petra at Passion

I just returned from the first ever “Passion” show in London. I loved the design of the show: all black and pink with plush pink carpets leading the way to a huge variety of sensual merchandise. I got myself a wonderful miniature top hat covered in leopard skin. I had fun in de video village where half a dozen gogo boys were bumping and grinding to promote the hot gay DVDs from Corolo Films. It is always a pleasure to meet bi boys and it was a refreshing change from other tradeshows to see some guy candy rather than just the usual girls in hot pants with silicone breasts. I also spent a long time at the Vibra Fun booth selling vibrating whips and crops. It is a genius idea. A few years back I submitted this idea of the perfect slap and tickle toy to a few toy producers but nobody was interested. Now Vibra Fun have brought out a whole range and I am very impressed. The crops and whips vibrate at various levels silently and are also fully functioning spanking implements. Thanks to the director from Vibra Fun who sorted me out with a whole set of new erotic and truly exotic toys. I really appreciate it.

Passion Show

More info on their full range: www.vibrafunproducts.com

I also enjoyed the burlesque show with a variety of female and male acts from the London festival of burlesque. I was also looking for a distributer for my first soft cut “Sensual Seduction” a merger of my most sensual scenes from “Sexual Sushi” and “Female Fantasies”. As this film is 18 rated it can be sold in any retail or online shop. I made some good contacts, especially through Christian at Corollo Films, so fingers crossed. Soon this film will also be available to buy directly on my website.

The show had a real upmarket feel and I really enjoyed it. I hope that it was a huge success for the organisers and exhibitors and that it will be back in the next year.

I returned back home laden with lots of exciting goodies. My selection of whips and crops poking out of my passion bag raised a few eyebrows on the train. I did not care but smiled as I could not wait to get home and play…


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